Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is done by specialized endodontists. Root canal is a space inside the root of your tooth which consists of the pulp chamber. The pulp which is a small, thread-like tissue in the core of the tooth is connected to the blood vessels and nerves connecting to the brain. If the pulp is seriously infected or damaged then it causes severe pain. The root canal treatment is done by qualified endodontists to relieve you of the pain. The pulp is removed and dental filling is done after disinfecting the gap. You can find the best root canal treatment providers and the cost at different dental clinics in Dubai based on patient reviews here. The price of root canal treatment in Dubai varies from 1300 AED per tooth up to 5000 dirhams based on the dental clinic and it also depends on the complexity of your case reviewed by your endodontist and also the affected tooth. Average cost of simple root canal treatment along with dental filling in Dubai would cost around 4000 AED. Having a root canal treatment done on your molar and premolar tooth are slightly expensive than the other tooth.

Causes for pulp damage are : cracked tooth, deep cavity, tooth injury in past due to physical mishaps.

Root canal treatment

The treatment is set to remain lifelong with proper care. Good oral hygiene is needed to prevent tooth decay. You may want to go for crown or tooth filling with the dentist after a root canal treatment as tooth may become brittle or fractured due to loss of pulp. The advantage of having root canal treatment done is that the damaged tooth doesn’t have to be removed. Hence the cost is much cheaper than having the damaged tooth extracted and then replaced. The endodontist will complete the treatment within few hours. Multiple sessions may be required in some cases.

Root canal treatment in Dubai UAE

Post Treatment Care :

You will feel numbness of the mouth during the healing phase. This is just a temporary side-effect of root canal treatment and the numbness will fade away in a few days with use of medication prescribed by your endodontist. Avoid biting or chewing into your food until the treated tooth heals completely. If you feel severe pain or swelling lasting for more that a few days after the treatment, please visit your endodontist or the nearest dental clinic in Dubai immediately. Brush and floss your teeth as per your regular schedule to avoid infection. A proper root canal treated tooth will last for a life time with the right care. Visit your dentist regularly for a checkup to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

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