Orthopaedic Appliance

Do you think that your kid may have an excess or less Jaw growth ? No need to worry now as functional appliances can correct this problem if treated at the right moment!

Orthodontists have clinical expertise in treatment of skeletal malocclusion & Jaw Growth problems. Problems with jaw growth can be identified and treated with Functional Appliances if it is detected earlier than the age of 12-14. Make sure you have a consultation with your orthodontist when your kid is between 10-11 years to detect potential problems with their jaw growth. Earlier the treatment better for their future.

functional appliance

Functional appliances  are used to promote the growth of the jaws & improve way the upper & lower teeth meet. They work by positioning lower jaw in a forward position in turn stretching facial & jaw muscles hence guiding jaw correction along with protruding teeth correction. They must be worn with strict discipline even thought they are removable.

The most popular & proven functional appliances  are called twin blocks which produces favorable results very fast. Typical treatment duration may last between 6-8 months. Post treatment additional orthodontic treatment may sometimes be necessary to fine tune individual teeth position.
Orthopaedic Appliance in Dubai, UAE

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