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    Here is a table of price list of dental treatments offered by Dental clinics in Dubai UAE (Please note : price may vary according to the complexity of your case. Below prices are a rough estimate for the various types of dental treatments offered by Dental clinics in Dubai UAE)

    Dental Treatment Price
    General Consultation 200 AED
    Dental Braces Consultation FREE
    Porcelain Veneers Consultation FREE
    Teeth Whitening Consultation FREE
    Invisalign Consultation FREE
    Dental Implant Consultation 200 AED
    Periapical X-ray (Single) 75 AED
    Composite Filling (1 surface) 400 AED
    Composite Filling (2 surface) 550 AED
    Composite Filling (3 surface) 600 AED
    Root canal treatment (single root) 1800 AED
    Root canal treatment (premolar) 2200 AED
    Root canal treatment (multiple root) 2500 AED
    Dental Sealant (per tooth) 200 AED
    Dental Implant (with Crown) 4500 AED
    Extraction (simple) 500 AED
    Extraction (impacted) 1650 AED
    Laser Teeth Whitening 850 AED
    Dental Clean and Polish 450 AED
    Dental Clean Polish with Airflow 650 AED
    Gingivectomy (per tooth) 400 AED
    Porcelain Veneer 1800 AED
    Zirconia Veneer 1800 AED
    Lumineers 2600 AED
    Porcelain fused to metal crown 1350 AED
    Porcelain Crown 1800 AED
    Zirconia Crown 2000 AED
    Dental Crown Recementation 350 AED
    Snap-On Smile (per arch) 900 AED
    Lingual retainer (per arch) 600 AED
    Complete Acrylic Denture (per arch) 2500 AED
    Acrylic Partial Denture 400 AED
    Flexite Partial Denture 600 AED
    Dental Braces removal (debonding) 550 AED
    Night Guard 1200 AED
    Space Maintainer 1000 AED
    Flouride Treatment 200 AED
    Resin based Crown 1200 AED
    OPG Xray 200 AED
    Metal Crown (Pediatric) 900 AED
    Zircon crown (Pediatric) 1200 AED
    All on 4 Implants 18000 AED
    All on 6 implants 24000 AED